Best Homemade Skin Lightening Cream

Skin lightening cream is said to be one of the girl’s best friend. Do you Agree?

Everyone likes to have a healthy bright skin. But if you are someone living in the tropical region then people with dark skin complexion will be a common site for you. Since most of the tropical countries are near to the equator throughout the year they get only summer. Therefore, most of the time people in these countries are exposed to the sun. which means they have dark skin complexion.

skin lightening cream
Skin Lightening Cream

Natural protective from UV light?

To avoid your body getting exposed to excessive sun light, our body generates a substance to darken our skin. This is melanin which improves the dark skin complexion of your body.  It is a produced by melanocytes. Most of the people living in the European region will have whiter skin colour. That is due to less melanin within your body.

Even though you are from the Tropical part of the world or if you are having a dark skin complexion then a skin lightening cream will come in handy.

This skin lightening cream is able to make you fair. Yes, this is not a joke!!!!

What is a skin lightening cream?

Skin lighting cream is also known as skin bleaching cream. This product is able to reduce the dark complexion in your skin. It is used as a cosmetic treatment in order to improve the skin colour. It can come in handy if you are going for a party or a special event. People do love to use this product very often but there is a high risk associated in using skin lightening cream.

What is a skin lightening cream

Most of the skin lightening products are made using mercury. Mercury can cause severe damage to our body. Therefore, use of mercury in order to make cosmetics were banned in the US. But still there are countries that use mercury for making cosmetics such as the skin bleaching cream. It’s always advised to check the ingredients and the chemicals used to make the product. Its advised to always avoid low quality skin lightening products that contain mercury.

Is constant usage of Skin Lightening cream good?

Too much of everything is bad for the health.

Natural skin complexion is generated within the body in order to reduce excessive exposure to sun light. Therefore, due to the reduction of skin colour by using skin lightening cream, it may cause many medical complications. There is a high risk of getting skin cancer if you have less melanin in your skin. Therefore, excessive use is not good for the health.

best skin lightening cream
Best Skin Lightening Cream

Furthermore, if you are having very sensitive skin then it’s always advised to meet a dermatologist before you use skin lightening cream. There might be side effects of the product if you have sensitive skin. This will lead to skin irritation, redness, allergies and acne.

How well does skin lightening cream for body work?

Effects of a skin bleaching cream will not happen over a night. It will take time to work which will differ from person to person.  In general, it is said that it will work between 4 to 6 weeks for people having normal skin conditions. However, to experience the full effect of skin lightening cream it will take more than a month.  But if the product doesn’t show any effects it will be the high time to stop using it.

Tips to follow before using Skin Bleaching cream

  • Consult your family physician or a dermatologist prior to using the product.
  • Make sure there no mercury included in the skin lightening cream you are using.
  • Check whether the percentage of hydroquinone is less than 2% in the product you use.
  • Avoid overusing the skin lightening cream to make you more fair.

Skin Lightening Cream for Dark Spots

Dark spots and signs on your body will occur due to many reasons. The main cause of this effect is due to ageing. Many people said these dark spots that appear around our body are permanent. But with the use of skin lightening cream we are able to easily get rid of these marks.

Skin Lightening Cream for Dark Spots
Skin Lightening Cream for Dark Spots

Even though there are skin lightening cream for black skin readily available over the counter, dermatologists still suggest that everyone should always try the home made skin lightening cream first. With no side effects they are the best natural natural safe skin lightening creams.

Given bellow are few of the best ways to make your own home made skin lightening cream.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

Vitamin E, A and C are the main agents of Aloe Vera. These 3 vitamins are able to reduce the dark spots on our body and even support to reduce the melanin of our skin. Vitamin C contains agents that could improve the skin Colour. Also where Vitamin A is able to increase the shedding process and Vitamin E to renew the epidermal tissue.

Skin Lightening Cream for Black Skin
Skin Lightening Cream for Black Skin
  • Yogurt

Most of the fresh milk products contain lactic acid which is able to shred the dead skin and reduce skin complexion. You can easily get a bit of yogurt on your finger tips and rub it on your face. Once you leave it for around 20 minutes and wash it off. You can continue it at a stretch for few months in order to experience the full effect of this method.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

This is very rich in many minerals and antioxidants. Apple cider Vinegar has agents that can easily get rid of dead cells. Its advised to mix apple cider Vinegar in 1:1 ratio and apply it on the areas of your body and leave it for around 20 minutes before washing.

safe skin lightening creams
  • Citric Acid & Turmeric Powder

Citric acid has agents that are able to bleach fast. It is the best skin lightening cream for hyperpigmentation. The best way is to mix it with turmeric powder and use and apply it on the face. Next leave it for around 15 minutes and rinse your face. As soon as you rinse your face you can easily see the change in the skin colour. But its advised not to over use it since excessive citric acid will be bad for the health.

Always use natural home made products for as the skin lightening cream. 

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