Is Hydrocortisone Cream Good for Sensitive Skin?

How skin conditions occur?

Human body is made up of many com­plex ele­ments that work togeth­er to func­tion nor­mal­ly through­out the life­time. Dur­ing our every­day life mil­lions of bac­te­ria and many oth­er dif­fer­ent for­eign bod­ies get attached to our skin. These may be harm­ful for the body and it may cause infec­tions. Since the epi­der­mal tis­sue or skin is very del­i­cate and sen­si­tive once these infec­tions occur they will show vis­i­ble side effects due to these con­di­tions.  There­fore, it is impor­tant to con­sult your fam­i­ly physi­cian in order to get med­ica­tions to reduce to com­pli­ca­tions caused by the illness.

Hydrocortisone cream as a treatment 

This is where hydro­cor­ti­sone cream come in to play. It is used to treat many skin relat­ed infec­tions. This cream con­tains cor­ti­cos­teroid or antibi­ot­ic steroid which are able to treat many skin con­di­tions. It will grad­u­al­ly reduce the effect of symp­toms caused due to many med­ical con­di­tions with­in the body. Hydro­cor­ti­sone cream uses are aware of the heal­ing pow­er of this amaz­ing product.

What conditions can you treat with this cream?

Mosquito Bites

  • Skin Aller­gies
  • Rash­es
  • Mos­qui­to Bites
  • Poi­son Ivy
  • Eczema
  • Der­mati­tis
  • Acne
  • Pso­ri­a­sis
  • Nap­py rash
  • Prick­ly heat rash


Most of the hydro­cor­ti­sone cream are mild prod­ucts. There­fore, any­one can pur­chase mild hydro­cor­ti­sone cream over the counter from the near­est drug store. More­over, strong hydro­cor­ti­sone cream will need a pre­scrip­tion rec­om­mend­ed by a qual­i­fied doc­tor in order to pur­chase. Hydro­cor­ti­sone cream 1% are for the babies . More­over, hydro­cor­ti­sone cream 2.5 are used to treat adult skin.

This prod­uct is rec­om­mend­ed only to be applied on the skin. Using this prod­uct on your face will cause many prob­lems. Hydro­cor­ti­sone cream on face will have to rec­om­mend­ed by your doc­tor in order to apply it on your face. Since there are a vari­ety of hydro­cor­ti­sone based cream, each prod­uct might be rec­om­mend­ed to be used on dif­fer­ent areas of your skin. There­fore, use the cor­rect hydro­cor­ti­sone cream on face to apply to the area where you are expe­ri­enc­ing the skin relat­ed condition.

Skin Allergies

How to apply Hydrocortisone cream?

Make it a habit to wash your hands before using the cream. Next dry your hands before apply­ing the cream on your skin. Make sure to shake the con­tain­er well before the usage. Apply or spray the cream to the infect­ed area at least four times a day. Doc­tor will spec­i­fy the usage of the prod­uct for the patient in order to car­ry out the treat­ment. Avoid cov­er­ing up the areas that you have applied the cream unless the doc­tor rec­om­mends you to do so.

Once done it’s impor­tant to wash your hands and avoid get­ting it on your eyes, mouth and nose. If you acci­den­tal­ly apply it on your eyes, mouth or nose then imme­di­ate­ly wash those areas with run­ning water. If you feel fur­ther dis­com­forts, it’s impor­tant to con­sult your fam­i­ly physi­cian immediately.

Hydrocortisone Cream Side Effects

Hydrocortisone cream for Eczema

Eczema may occur in dif­fer­ent parts of your body such as hands, legs, face and elbows etc. Once you get eczema it will start itch­ing and cause red­ness as well as inflam­ma­tions. This is when you will have to use a Hydro­cor­ti­sone cream for eczema to treat the skin con­di­tion. There are main­ly 3 stages in order to cure Eczema using Hydro­cor­ti­sone cream. They are by con­trol­ling, heal­ing and by pre­vent­ing the infec­tion. Doc­tors will rec­om­mend the best hydro­cor­ti­sone cream for eczema which can be used in the heal­ing stage of the skin condition.

Hydrocortisone cream for acne

Acne caus­es due to many skin con­di­tions expe­ri­enced by indi­vid­u­als. Due to the hec­tic work sched­ule you plan to exe­cute through­out the day will make you expose to hot sun and many bac­te­r­i­al infec­tions. There­fore, your face is at risk of get­ting skin con­di­tions such as acne. If you are not fol­low­ing good health habits, then acne will occur on your face. Acne will occur and ooze out with pus from your pores once the pores of your skin get clogged .

If you try to force­ful­ly get rid by pop­ping the acne on your face, it will aggra­vate the con­di­tion more. There­fore, the best way to get rid of acne is by using this cream for acne.

The best cream for acne are Cor­ti­zone 10 Inten­sive Heal­ing For­mu­la and Clean & Clear Per­sa-Gel 10.

Hydrocortisone cream for babies

Babies in the age cat­e­go­ry below 10 are not rec­om­mend­ed to use this cream. Unless the doc­tor pre­scribe the med­i­cine par­ents are not per­mit­ted to apply this cream for babies. Heat rash, nap­py Rash, Cra­dle cap, Atopic eczema are few of the skin con­di­tions. With prop­er guid­ance par­ents can treat these con­di­tions by using this cream for babies. Hydro­cor­ti­sone cream 1% will be ide­al cream to treat most of the skin con­di­tions relat­ed to babies.

Hydrocortisone Cream

Hydrocortisone Cream Side Effects

  • Red­ness
  • Pim­ples
  • Skin dis­coloura­tion
  • Dry­ness
  • Cracks in the skin

Even though this cream is a very good rem­e­dy to treat skin con­di­tions. It might also have many side effects if you have very sen­si­tive skin. If you are a heavy user of this cream it might cause side effects. If you expe­ri­enc­ing dis­com­fort after apply­ing the cream, then it’s bet­ter to con­sult your doc­tor to get advice or to try alter­na­tive prod­ucts oth­er than the Hydro­cor­ti­sone cream.

Giv­en below are few of the hydro­cor­ti­sone cream brands.

The bel­low giv­en prod­ucts where select­ed based on cus­tomer reviews.

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