Best cream for pimples- Read this out before choosing any cream for pimples!

Pim­ples can be one of your worst ene­mies. Have you ever faced the sit­u­a­tion that when you are right about to par­tic­i­pate a very spe­cial occa­sion in your life pim­ples is get­ting in the way? You do not have any idea about the time when pim­ples are going to attack you. If you search for the root cause you will find so many rea­sons. Those rea­sons can be both inside and out­side ones. The main rea­son for the occur­rence of pim­ples is oily skin. Every­one has oil in their skin nat­u­ral­ly. The lev­el of oil amount your skin con­tains varies to each oth­er.  When the nat­ur­al oil amount in skin exceeds it blocks the pores in the skin. As a result of that, you get pimples.

Don’t wor­ry! You have a solu­tion! This arti­cle is about the best cream for pimples!

What is the reason for getting pimples What is the rea­son for get­ting pimples?

As dis­cussed ear­li­er there are many rea­sons for get­ting pim­ples. Those are cat­e­go­rized as inside and out­side factors.

If you go through inside fac­tors the nat­ur­al oil lev­el of your skin is the basic rea­son. You inher­it a cer­tain amount of nat­ur­al oil in your skin since birth. This oil lev­el varies by per­son to per­son. This oil lev­el in our skin helps us to have a glow­ing and smooth skin. It fights against wrin­kles keep­ing our youth­ful skin. But it has a cer­tain amount. When this amount exceeds we get oily skin and it can block the pores in our skin. As a result of that, we get pim­ples. Also when you are stressed and when it is near to ladies’ month­ly cycle pim­ples are try­ing to make an appearance.

Apart from those inter­nal fac­tors, there are exter­nal fac­tors also such as envi­ron­men­tal pol­lu­tion which cov­er skin sur­face with dust, sweat, heat, and dirt giv­ing a nice rea­son for the pim­ples to attack you.

What are the solu­tions for pimples?

Don’t wor­ry! You have anti-pim­ple prod­ucts as a solu­tion. There are so many pim­ple fight­ers in the mar­ket now. Some­times you might be won­der­ing what is to select because there are tons of them. Some anti-pim­ple might dam­age your skin, and some might heal your skin. This arti­cle is about the best cream for pim­ples and it helps you to do the right thing and make the right choice. So let us go through the best cream for pim­ples one by one.

What is the best cream for pimples What is the best cream for pimples?

There are so many face creams are avail­able for pim­ples. Let us go through sev­er­al and find out on which occa­sions they are act­ing their best!

What is the best face cream for oily skin and pimples?

Clear­asil Ultra Rapid Action Van­ish­ing Acne Treat­ment Cream

Are you suf­fer­ing from oily skin?  This is an ide­al face cream for oily skin and pim­ples. This is also con­tained with ben­zoyl per­ox­ide as a major com­pound. But unlike some prod­ucts with ben­zoyl per­ox­ide, this one has a high con­cen­tra­tion of it. so it is bet­ter you only use this cream if the low con­cen­tra­tion creams are not doing a good job on your face. Apart from the ben­zoyl per­ox­ide it also con­tains with glu­cono­lac­tone. This com­pound is an exfo­liant and the super­pow­er of that is keep­ing your skin free from the unwant­ed amount of oil levels.

Nomarks Acne Pim­ple Cream

This is anoth­er best solu­tion cre­at­ed for women who have oily skin. This cream con­tains many nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents. They will treat your skin gen­tly and con­trol the pim­ples from appear­ing. This cream is a lit­tle bit thick and can be per­fect­ly absorbed by the skin if you add a bit of mas­sage while apply­ing. It is not a greasy cream and acts as a cool­er for your skin. It will heal your skin from the scars and pimples.

What is the best cream for pim­ples and dark spots?

Gly­co 6 Gly­col­ic Acid Cream

Are you wor­ried about the scars and dark spots on your face caused by pim­ples? This is anoth­er best cream for pim­ples on the face. The super­pow­er of this cream is scar reduc­tion on your face as well as light­ens your skin. Der­ma­tol­o­gists pre­scribe this cream which is con­tained with 6% of gly­col­ic acid for you when you are suf­fer­ing from the dark spots caused by pim­ples. Among the vari­eties, pim­ple creams in India there are a hand­ful of creams have gly­col­ic. This cream is one of them. There is only a small amount of gly­col­ic acid con­tains in the cream, but that amount is enough to smoothen up your skin tone. And it also fights with dark spots and reduces them after using a few weeks. It removes the dead skin cells from the skin sur­face eras­ing the darks spots. Your skin will be also pro­tect­ed by this cream in future damages.

Ori­flame Pure Skin Spot SOS Gel

Are suf­fer­ing because you have dark spots on your face? Ori­flame Pure Skin Spot SOS Gel is the per­fect solu­tion. After apply­ing this gel on the face select­ing the affect­ed areas with­in eight hours it will start fight­ing with the pim­ples. Use it more than two weeks and you will find out you are los­ing dark spots on your face.

What is the best cream for acne and pimples? 

Retino‑A Tretinoin Cream

This cream is one of the favorites of der­ma­tol­o­gists. It is famous because many skin doc­tors are pre­scrib­ing this med­i­cine for you as a treat­ment for acne. This is one of the best face creams for acne and pim­ples in the mar­ket. You can­not get this cream with­out a doctor’s pre­scrip­tion. This cream is avail­able in two con­cen­tra­tion types. One is 0.025% and the oth­er one is 0.05%. Doc­tors will pre­scribe you with the con­cen­tra­tion accord­ing to the sit­u­a­tion of your face. This cream keeps ready to come out pim­ples inside and also pro­vides you with smooth skin tex­ture. The tretinoin acts as an anti-mark and reduces the scars on your face which occurs as a result of col­la­gen loss because of the heal­ing pim­ples. This cream is con­sid­ered as the most used tretinoin treatment.

Neu­tro­ge­na On-The-Spot Acne Treatment

This is one of the best creams for acne and pim­ples spe­cial­ly cre­at­ed for women. This gel-cream is con­tained with ben­zoyl per­ox­ide which guar­an­tees you a fast recov­ery. It con­trols and pro­tects your skin from break­outs and with­in two days of using it shows and amaz­ing improve­ment in the red­ness caused on your face. Some­times when you are using some ben­zoyl treat­ments there might be some irri­tat­ing and dry­ness in your skin. But this cream is dif­fer­ent, and you will not get such sit­u­a­tions. This treat­ment is 100% suit­able for women who are hav­ing oily skin and suf­fer­ing from sen­si­tive skin. After apply­ing this cream it will absorb into your skin per­fect­ly so you can use this cream as night as well as a day­time treatment.

What is the best men’s cream for pimples?

Himalaya Herbals Acne-N-Pim­ple Cream

This is one of the best men’s creams for pim­ples. Actu­al­ly, it is best for any type of skin. This cream acts as a pim­ple dry­er and also speeds up the process of heal­ing. The extra thick­ness of the cream marks it as an ide­al choice for a night cream. If you have red­ness on your face then don’t be sad about this because here comes the ide­al solu­tion. The nat­ur­al com­pounds avail­able here are serv­ing its pur­pose for every skin type. If you can use this cream every day would be per­fect. If your skin is acne-prone then this cream might not be able to do any mirac­u­lous work but if you have less severe break­outs on the face this is going to be the ide­al treatment.

What is the best ayurvedic cream for acne and pimples?

Vic­co Turmer­ic WSO Skin Cream

Look­ing for the best ayurvedic cream for acne and pim­ples? You get this amaz­ing herbal treat­ment as the answer.

It is tru­ly ayurvedic. Turmer­ic is used as a cure for pim­ples since long time ago. This cream is con­tained with a huge amount of turmer­ic. And it is ful­ly con­tained with herbal com­pounds giv­ing it a 100% nat­ur­al label. Turmer­ic per­cent­age of this is 16%. This ancient treat­ment of turmer­ic will clear up your skin by remov­ing scars caused by acne.

Jovees Ayurve­da Neem & Long Pep­per Anti Acne and Pim­ple Cream

This ayurvedic won­der is con­tained with many med­i­c­i­nal com­pounds and spe­cial­ly cre­at­ed for females who have dry skins. It will also pro­tect the skin from future harms.

What is the best cream for fair­ness and pimples?

Avene Tri­ac­neal

Here comes anoth­er pim­ple resis­tant which adds extra fair­ness to the skin. Main com­pounds in this treat­ment are gly­col­ic acid and reti­nalde­hyde. Reti­nalde­hyde acts the role of an anti-aging agent and also cure acne while pro­tect­ing your skin from the dam­ages which might occur in time to come. You do not need a pre­scrip­tion to pur­chase this cream. You can buy it from any drug store if not via online. This has the poten­tial of clear­ing out the dark spots on your face and mak­ing the com­plex­ion smoother.

Wrap­ping up…

There are so many treat­ments for pim­ples nowa­days. Among them, you should be care­ful to choose only the best creams for pim­ples because some anti-pim­ple creams might dam­age your skin.

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